Sustainable Living: Why Renting and Buying Locally is Environmental Friendly?

In the last few years, sustainable living has become a popular topic, with many questions and misconceptions around it. As a platform promoting items made and owned by your community, Beehiveit aligns with green shopping, that we believe is also more functional and fun. Why is sustainable living so important and how can you be a part of it? Keep on reading!

Buying Locally

We all know the high-street shopping cycle and its flaws. Mass production, irrational prices for quality are problems we often have to face. Regardless, one of the most pressuring issues is when we are not sure where the product is coming from. 

By supporting local communities, it’s easy to minimise these effects and enhance sustainable living. We know not everything can be handcrafted, but besides looking around locally first is amazing for the environment, it’s also going to be a refreshing experience for you and your home. Learning about the item’s and maker’s story, its materials and process of making is a fun journey that will make you fall in love with these one of a kind treasures.

Renting Locally


Just like buying second-hand items, renting locally is also a great way to support your community and environment. Renting instead of rushing to a store to buy a tool breaks the chain of the mass production issue we experience while shopping for new things.

Renting is a super simple process that comes with many benefits. These include saving money, providing extra money for your fellow community members and refusing to support a fast-paced shopping system. The Beehiveit’s renting system also eliminates misunderstandings or “asking for favours”, which many of us experienced while renting from our neighbours before.

Be a Part of the Cycle

Besides bringing locals together, one of our main aims with Beehiveit was to create a sustainable platform. A platform that promotes what we believe in, and what we believe individuals can do for the environment. Homemade dinnerware and beauty products or useful tools available for rent, located two minutes away from your home. We gather and unlock the possibilities of cost-effective, conscious shopping around you.

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