Space Savers

In London, space comes at a premium and many of us are finding it necessary to use the room we have more and more creatively.


De-cluttering is one of the first steps towards becoming a space saver. To start, this time of year is perfect for a spring-clean. Whether you dump it, give it away on sites like Freecycle or earn a bit of extra cash down the car-boot, chuck what you don’t use.

A clutter-free home creates the illusion of space and clever storage hacks can help you hide away any mess. For example, this ottoman from Ikea will add an extra seat to your living room while also offering a practical storage solution.


Store & Redecorate Smartly

Over-the-door hooks are great for getting everyday items off the floor and out of the way. They also don’t require drilling so they’re a great tool for renters!

If re-decorating is an option, painting your home in fresh, light colours will give your rooms an airier and brighter feel. Hanging mirrors can also create the impression of extra space and will bounce light around.

Stackable furniture, like this nest-egg table from Amazon, are a small-space’s best friend! The smaller tables can be tucked away when you’re not using them and you can find them in a range of designs to suit your style.

Don’t Forget to Multi-Use!

Speaking of furniture, multi-purpose furnishings are also a great space saver. I’ve just invested in a new ottoman bed for my bedroom which allows me to hide my winter-wear in the summer, freeing up space in the wardrobe.

By carefully selecting contemporary multi-purpose furniture, you can overcome your space restrictions. There are so many savvy designs and transformative pieces on the market made for homes with limited space so why not make your furniture work twice as hard?



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