Member Protection Centre


We believe that safety is a cornerstone of doing business online. To ensure the safety of our members and the items traded on our platform, we offer a number of steps to make your experience on Beehiveit smooth and effective.

How we protect our members?

We strive to create the best possible collaborative platform. This doesn’t only come with a large variety of available items and an efficient service, but also with a highlighted focus on the safety of our members.

The Essential Features of Member Safety:

We provide the following tools to ensure members have a pleasant experience:

• Member Identity Verification – when you see the “Verified” badge, you can be certain that the person’s profile information is accurate
• Fraud detection via Stripe, our official payment gateway provider – besides the Beehiveit team, Stripe is also working on filtering frauds and dealing with your money in the safest way
• Payment disputes dealt with via Stripe customer support – should you have any difficulties with an item or payment, Stripe customer support offers an efficient, unbiased way of dealing with disputes

How You Can Improve Your Experience:

We’d like you and all our members to have a great time on Beehiveit. To maintain our platform’s safety, we advise members to:

When sharing/selling…

• Avoid selling fakes or illegal items– see prohibited items
• Be as specific as possible regarding your item description and photos
• Check with your insurer that your item is insured while being rented, if not, consider taking out a separate insurance cover
• When arranging a handover time for rented items, try to be punctual and if the arranged time isn’t suitable for you, try to let the renter know as soon as possible
• When selling items, use a tracked delivery method to avoid any issues regarding lost packages
• Insist on paying via Stripe, Beehiveit’s payment provider, which comes with various member protection features
• Keep rental items well maintained and free of defects
• Provide feedback to help our members

When renting/buying…

• If you have any questions regarding a product, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the owner
• Insist on paying via Stripe, Beehiveit’s payment provider, which comes with various member protection features
• When arranging a returning time for rented items, try to be punctual. In case a time isn’t suitable for you, try to let the owner know as soon as possible
• Provide feedback to help our members

Member Disagreement Management:

We hope you’ll have the best experience with our members and all the transactions will be smooth and efficient. In the case there’s a disagreement between you and another Beehiveit member, we advise following these steps:

• First, communicate directly with the other party about the details to reach a resolution. We often find that addressing the issue directly is the most efficient and often quickest way to resolve a problem.

• If you fail to reach an agreement, payment related issues must be dealt with via our payment gateway provider, Stripe. Raising a complaint via Stripe is an efficient and secure way to deal with financial disagreements.

• It is in our interest that Beehiveit members have dispute-free transactions. If you have any difficulties, we will always be available for support as and where necessary. Reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

Still unable to reach an agreement?

Once in a while, there will be member disagreement which requires a more formal process to reach a resolution. Where a resolution is not reached via the above recommend options, a more formal approach is available as per “The Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Amendment) Regulations 2015 (the Regulations)” introduced to the UK by the European Commission’s online dispute resolution platform (the ODR Platform).

The ODR platform is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedure conducted online. The ODR Platform will provide a portal for members to submit a complaint to a relevant, registered ADR provider with the aim of resolving the dispute. It will offer a translation function to help facilitate member disputes.

In an unfortunate event, follow this link and lodge your complaint here.

Please note that Beehiveit is purely a marketplace and acts solely as an online venue that facilitates the connection between Sellers/Buyers and Owners/Hirers, therefore Beehiveit’s responsibilities are appropriately limited. Beehiveit is not a party to any transactions or other relationships between its members.

Online dispute resolution.