How to Travel Eco-Friendly: 5 Tips for Packing Your Luggage

5 Eco-Friendly Tips for Packing Your Luggage


Most of us have suitcases taking up space somewhere in our homes, even if they don’t get used very much. Big cases for a week away somewhere or smaller overnight bags for a work trip, travel bags can end up hogging more than their fair share of storage.

It’s the reason why more and more people are deciding to rent their luggage out when not travelling (or to hire it in when they do). Whether you’re planning to buy your own or borrow, take a look at these eco-friendly luggage tips ready for the summer travel season.

1. Choosing the right size travel luggage


No matter where you’re travelling to, the right size travel kit does make things easier. Too small, and you end up with lots of little cases which can be more difficult to manage. Too large, and everything rolls around in your case risking damage.

Even if your bag is marked as hand luggage, it might be worth a double-check with your airline, train service or coach company that it will fit into the overhead bins. If travelling alone means getting things into the overhead luggage racks will be difficult, make sure there is alternative space, or that help can be made available. 

If you want to embrace being environmentally-friendly and sustainable with your luggage, consider buying an eco-friendly suitcase or, even better,  save the planet while saving money by hiring your luggage. 

2. Pack light with lightweight travel cases


Stackable suitcases

Bags which are heavy when they are still empty eat into the weight allowance, and add to the bulk of what you’ll be lugging around. Most modern travel systems are very strong to protect the contents, whilst also being lightweight.

Luggage from the same brand often fits together for wheeling about but can be separated for ease of lifting individually. 

3. Keep things organised


Travel organisers like Vespula’s packing cubes help you fit more stuff in your suitcase by sorting your items into manageable compartments. Their see-through tops allow you to see what’s inside, so you can easily identify the content.

Vespula’s cubes are made from recycled polyester fabric, which is derived from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles, so they are a great environmentally-friendly solution for organising your bag.

4. Stand out with eco-friendly luggage tags


Upcycled and eco-friendly luggage tags

Avoid someone accidentally taking your stuff, and make it easier to spot anyone walking off with it, by personalizing your bag with an iron-on patch, a sticker or even a ribbon on the handle will do the job. Even if your case will be in the rack above you for the entire journey, in the confusion of arrival it’s all too easy for someone to grab the wrong bag.

Opt for luggage tags made from different upcycled materials if you want an eco-friendly solution.

5. Carry-on luggage can be back up luggage


If travelling by air and taking hand luggage as well checking a bag, keep the important stuff in the carry on case. Travel documents, medication, and maybe even a change of underwear! Consider what you’ll need to get by for a few days if the case that’s been put in the hold goes missing.

If you are looking for a convenient and handy way to carry your passport and mobile phone, check out Red Fran belt bags.  These sustainable belt bags are handmade out of recycled plastic bottles, fabric offcuts, and decommissioned seatbelts.



Are you planning to travel this summer? We’d love to hear your travel tips!



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