Alesis MultiMix 12FX

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MultiMix FX mixers are the most compact, affordable, high-quality mixers with built-in 28-bit digital effects and choice of configurations.

MultiMix FX mixers are perfect for musicians and engineers needing a portable, flexible mixer with digital effects for sound reinforcement, rehearsals, studio recording, sub-mixing, field recording, and digital audio/video computer workstation mixing.


Compact, ultra-affordable 12-channel mixer
4 high-gain mic/line (XLR and 1/4″ balanced) inputs with phantom power, 4 stereo balanced 1/4″ line inputs
100 onboard preset effects including reverbs, delays, chorus, flanging, pitch, and multieffects
2 aux sends (aux 1 is pre/post-fader switchable, aux 2 is post-fader and can send to onboard or external effects), 2 stereo aux returns, 2-track stereo RCA in and out
Separate 1/4″ balanced main and monitor outs, headphone out
Separate pan/balance, pre-fader listen/solo in place, and mute/buss switches for simple operation
3-band EQ per channel with high/ low shelving and mid bandpass/reject
8-segment LED stereo meters
Smooth 60mm faders


Front-panel channels (top down):4 mic/line channels with 75Hz highpass filter switch and mic/line gain. All channels with 3-band EQ (high shelving at 12kHz, mid bandpass/reject at 2.5kHz, low shelving at 80Hz), aux send A (pre- or post-fader), aux send B (post-fader, onboard or external effects), pan or balance, pre-fader listen or solo-in-place, mute or alt 3/4, 60mm fader.

Front-panel other:Effect section with selector plus clip and signal LEDs. Aux return A level, effects/aux return B level. Headphone/control room out level with mix, alt 3/4, 2-track, and alt 3/4 to mix switches. Solo mode, 2-track to mix switches. Stereo main and alt 3/4 60mm faders. Stereo 8-segment LED meters.


All 1/4″ TRS except as noted:Mic in x 4 (XLR), mono line in x 4, stereo line in x 4, aux sends x 2, stereo aux returns x 2, stereo main out, stereo control room out, stereo alt 3/4 out, headphone out. 2-track stereo in and out (RCA).

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