Hosting A Socially Distant Party: What To Hire

How to organise an event on a budget while socially distancing


After a tough couple of months, we are all looking forward to spending quality time with our loved ones. And what’s better than hosting a reunion dinner or a party at home, showing off our immaculate garden taken care over the lockdown?

Things have not gone back to normal yet so we are obviously more inclined to think of doing something online, such as virtual parties on Zoom. However, now that coronavirus restrictions have slowly started to lift, you can find ways to celebrate while social distancing. For example, you can still throw garden parties with a small number of guests, while practising social distancing. Just make sure you check out what the current restrictions are in terms of social gathering and rules.

When it comes to planning an event, preparation is key.

Here are the 4 key things you need to consider to ensure your event is a success.

1. Type of Party

  • What kind of event are you planning?

  • Is it a celebratory party for a special occasion?

  • Is it just a dinner with a small gathering?

  • Will your guests bring in food and drinks?

  • Does your party have a theme?

  • Is it an adult party or are children invited too?

young people playing outdoor games

It’s important to think of what kind of party you want as entertaining and organising activities could be essential when kids are around and you want to make sure social distancing is respected.

Non-contact games like ‘Name, Place, Animal, Thing’ or a cartoon projected on the wall can be a way to keep children happy and entertained.

In case you are hosting a BBQ dinner party at your place, we have covered already the top 5 expert tips for the best summer barbecue

2. Budget

  • What’s the event budget?

  • Are you willing to invest in catering and event equipment?

  • What can you hire instead of buying?


Circus themed party props

On our Hire Stuff section, you can find plenty of things to hire for a day without having to spend all your money on something you will use most likely use once.

For example, you can rent lighting and decorations for an intimate dinner party, you can add all the glitz and glam to your event with a DJ or photo booth, an outdoor cinema or you can hire a specialist company to plan a themed party. 

3. Venue

  • How many people are you planning to invite?

  • How much event space is required?

  • Does it need to be an indoor venue or can it be done outside?

  • Can you keep social distancing measures in place?


Picnic food on the grass at the park

As outdoors seems to be the least risky option, try and host open-air whenever possible.

This could be in your backyard for a birthday party or a barbecue, on a terrace or rooftop for a few celebratory drinks. Don’t despair if you don’t have a garden, a picnic at the park is a fun thing to do if the weather allows. Moreover, it’s easier to maintain a safe physical distance in the park.

If you need a marquee, some festoon lighting or just some extra chairs and tables, check out our event hire equipment. You can even rent social distancing equipment and accessories like barriers and fencing.

4. Time

  • When are you holding your event?

  • How long do you need to plan everything?

  • How far in advance should you book the party equipment?


woman setting up party festoon lights

It may be implied, but you should never underestimate the time you need to plan your party. The last thing you want to have is unnecessary stress while carrying last-minute errands.


Are you wondering how you can plan an event without breaking the bank? Our marketplace can definitely help you organise a successful event on a small budget.

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