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Have something to hire or rent out? Be it an item, space, services or rental property, list away. Open to all, individuals and businesses alike.

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Hire or Rent anything!

We are an online classifieds marketplace for all things hire or rent. Yes, one single place for all the hirers and renters where you will find like minded people and variety.

Whether you want to earn extra money by hiring out your idle items, you are a freelancer or a small business wanting to reach more people, or have a room, house or office to let out. Simply register and get started.

Why us?

  • Single platform for everything Hire or Rent. No need to go from website to website.
  • Be your own boss. You’re free to set your own Terms & conditions and conduct the transaction outside the platform.
  • 0% commission. We do not charge you any fees on your transactions. You manage all the risk, so only fair you keep 100% of the rewards.
  • Free to register & free to list
  • Leverage from free advertising. We actively advertise ourselves via Google and various social media channels.

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You can hire or rent almost anything.

Check our main categories:

Hiring out an Item

Hire Stuff

Whether you are a hire shop, or just an individual with a side hustle, feel free to create your own online rental shop and start earning. All registrations and listings are free; even better, we charge 0% commission on your rental transactions.

As a classifieds only platform, we provide you with an online marketplace to advertise for free of charge. With us you have the freedom to set your own terms & conditions and conduct the rest of the transactions outside of the platform. You have full control of how you choose to manage your risk and rewards.

Popular items for hire: Music equipment, DJ equipment, party hire, catering equipment, tool hire, sports equipment and everyday items.


Rent Space

Do you have spare space that you could put to good use? Be it a garage for storage, driveway, or a shed, put it to earn for you.

Hire a Service

Hire a Service

Reach more people in your neighbourhood. Whether you are a freelancer, a trade professional or own a small business, you can advertise your services for hire with us.

rent properties banner

Rent Properties

Be it a room to share, flat or an office. Advertise your property and find your next tenant here.

Beehiveit - Hire or Rent almost anything!