Hiring out an Item

Hiring Stuff

Lend to Earn, Borrow to Save.

  • List your item
  • Receive a request to borrow
  • Use the Beehiveit messaging feature to liaise with potential borrower
  • Agree terms, take payment, perhaps a security deposit for safety
  • Perhaps put a rental agreement in place, & remember don’t forget to take identification
  • Receive item back (ensure to give feedback)
  • Repeat process

Use our FAQ page to find answers for any further questions.


Rent Properties

Be it a room to share, flat or an office. Find your next tenant here.

  • List your property
  • Someone’s interested & messages you on Beehiveit
  • Arrange a viewing
  • Let your property out

Hire a Service

Reach more people in your neighbourhood. Whether you are a freelancer, plumber, or own a small business, there’s a space for everyone here.

  • List your services
  • Someone makes contact
  • Agree price and take booking
  • Simple as that. You don’t need to pay us commission!
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