Q: What can I use Beehiveit to do?
A: Beehiveit is a secure community where you can buy, sell, or share items, and offer professional services to your local community. It was created as a platform for communities to connect and collaborate, and maximise the potential of your belongings.

Members can use the Community Forum to ask questions and chat about their projects. Our blog articles offer valuable insight, including topics such as space saving, DIY, and upcycling your Beehiveit finds!

Q: How do I get started with using Beehiveit to hire, rent, sell, and advertise?
A: The first step to using Beehiveit is registration. It is free of charge, and is a quick and easy process which helps to keep the platform secure. You can also use your Facebook account to register and login.
Once registered you will be able to access your personal dashboard to track your listings, requests for services, purchases, and items hired out or rented.

Q: What types of item can I list for sale, hire, or advertise?
A: You can list any item that you like for sale or hire, as long as it’s legal and yours to list, or you have permission from the owner! Anything from camping equipment, DIY tools, luggage, musical instruments, or anything else you can think of.

Q: How do I receive money when I sell something, or hire out my items?
A: Payments are processed using Stripe. It is an independent, secure payment provider that allows individuals and businesses to receive payments online.

We ask you to create your own Stripe account, which will be linked to your bank account. This ensures that once you sell or hire out an item, the money goes directly to your bank account.

Q: I don’t have a Stripe account. How do I get one?
A: Read our step-by-step guide to Stripe registration.

Q: What is the difference between Stripe and PayPal?
A: Although Stripe and PayPal are fairly similar and both secure, we chose Stripe because of its lower fee structure. Stripe only charges 1.4% + 20p per transaction, compared to PayPal’s 3.4% + 20p fees. Stripe fees will be applied on top of our fees whenever you sell or hire out an item.

Q: What does “Verified” mean?
A: The “Verified” icon on a Beehiveit member’s profile shows that we have checked the validity of the documents submitted to verify their identity. Once confirmed, your profile will be granted the “Verified” badge, visible for every member on the platform.

Q: Why is getting Verified useful?
A: We verify member’s personal details to protect members of the Beehiveit community. It helps members feel reassured that they are dealing with other trustworthy members, in a secure environment.

Q: How does the Beehiveit ID Verification process work?
A: After registration you will be asked to provide more details about yourself. As part of this process you will be asked to submit two types of ID using your private Beehiveit Dashboard.

One document must be photo ID, and the other must be dated recently and confirm your address. For example, a valid driver’s licence, and a utility bill dated within the last 6 months.

Our Verification Assistant will use that document to independently check and verify your identity, and that all details are correct.

To help make Beehiveit a safe and secure environment, members must be verified before they can borrow items. You can still register for the service, and list, buy or sell items, or advertise services.

Q: How do you ensure my rental items are safe?
A: Only registered and verified members can hire items from other members on the Beehiveit platform.
Our Rental Security Authorisation means that anyone borrowing anything must pre-authorise their card to be charged the deposit amount if they fail to return or damage the item.

The Rental Security Authorisation feature is only available for members who connect their Beehiveit account to Stripe. Read our step-by-step guide to connect to Stripe.

Q: Are the items that I rent out insured by Beehiveit?
A: Although Beehiveit does not insure your valuables against loss or damage, we do offer a Rental Security Authorisation feature, which helps protect your items to a certain extent while hiring them out.

You also have to option to decline the request you receive from members if you do not feel comfortable.

How does the Rental Security Authorisation feature work?
When Beehiveit members list an item to rent out, they set how much it costs for other members to hire it, and also set an amount for a security deposit.

When a member books the item, they submit card details and authorise the cost of hire, and the cost of the security deposit. Only the hire cost is charged once pick-up is confirmed. The cost of the security deposit is just an authorisation, and is not actually deducted.

In case of loss or damage of the rental item, we ask our members to agree on an amount that will be paid to the owner which covers for the damage or loss, using the Rental Security Authorisation feature.

Q: How do I decide the amount I should set for a security deposit?
A: We suggest that the deposit amount should be close to the current market value of an item. This should take into consideration the age and condition of the item.

I’m trying to list an item. Why is there a minimum word count in the product description box?
Detailed product listings help other members find exactly what they’re after quickly and easily, helping you maximise the potential of your belongings.

Q: What should I include in my Beehiveit product listing?
A: Consider including things like the brand, model, name, size, weight, power, and so on. Listings with good photographs really help engage other members, too.

You can solve most problems instantly by reading our Frequently Asked Questions page or viewing our community page. But, if you cannot find the answer, please contact us.