Creative Storage Ideas – Designed for Small Homes

Top Creative Storage Ideas for Your Home

When it comes to storage space, we always struggle with the same things: we try to find space for our immense collection of books. It gets to the point when we can’t remember how we acquired so many. We struggle to fit all our clothes in our wardrobe and we have already given up with the countless pairs of shoes, now scattered on the floor by the entrance.

The more things get dispersed around the house, the more our space will look cluttered. But we still cannot find a solution to finding space for all our belongings.

Every room has its own storage issues and every kind of house will always be not big enough for us. So, finding a smart way to create extra storage spots is definitely easier than looking for a house as big as Buckingham Palace.

We came up with some creative DIY storage ideas for each one of your rooms, tackling every problem that could make your house look and feel packed. Also, Bethan and Megan from Purely Organised can help you with organising and decluttering your space.


clothing and shoes storage ideas

The first thing that comes to our minds is the wardrobe. Sooner or later, our wardrobe will get full and even if we use boxes to fit everything in, we still struggle to find room. After all, boxes end up being useless especially when hurriedly looking for ‘that’ specific jacket, which is probably be hidden in-amongst the ‘organised’ tower of boxes.

An upcycled hanging clothes rack could be the solution to your problem. Easy to set up and place wherever you have space (even behind your door). This will help you to hang all the clothes you love and use the most. If you want to build one on your own adding an edgy twist, try with two ropes, attached to the ceiling by two hooks, with a bar linked between each other. You will have a floating clothing rack that won’t use any floor space.

For your accessories, opt for a nice frame with polystyrene or corkboard to attach all your jewellery. This will help you display them and stop you from losing them around the house.

For all your scarves and belts, you could use a hanger or attach a bar to the wall where you can hang them all nicely.

Last, but not least. Don’t forget about the space under your bed. You can fit in your winter clothes or bed sheets in seagrass storage trunks and store them under your bed. If your bed is not high enough, you could try bed risers (which you can make yourself with some spare wood) or get a higher bed frame. 

If you need an extra pair of hands, Karolina from Karo & Co Interiors can help you with designing any bespoke furniture.


tidy and organised kitchen space

Whether you’re into cooking or not, it’s easy to end up with too many pans and kitchen tools than actually needed. In this case, the walls are your best friends. If you’d like to keep all your pots and pans handy, you may want to hang them. Your mugs can also add a vibrant touch to the room and are easily hangable.

Stainless steel, magnetic racks could serve well for your most-used kitchen tools, including knives, scissors and bottle openers. Or you could make your own by turning an old rake head into a rustic utensil holder. And wouldn’t you love attaching a couple of floating shelves, displaying all your spices?

Another thing we may struggle with is finding space for all the fruits and vegetables we bought. A lot of fruits and veg don’t get stored in the fridge and may end up spread all over our table. What if you build a rack to hang and place all the plums, potatoes and onions too?


bathroom with storage ideas

When our drawers and cabinets cannot help us store any more shampoos and conditioners, we may try and convert their doors as extra storage. That is, attach some little shelves on the cabinet’s doors so you take advantage of that unused space but you still manage to close it.

For all your dirty clothes, try to opt for a hanging hamper behind the door or hooked on the wall so you clear space for an extra cabinet, if possible.

Living Room

living room with creative storage space

For your extra books, add some floating shelves on the wall. Some people even add them above the doorframe so they don’t clash with the rest of the interior. Corners also serve well as these are normally spaces used only to fit in a plant or a floor lamp.

If there’s a staircase in your house you may want to consider, if possible, converting the space underneath to a functional bookcase. And if you are a fan of Harry Potter, a reading corner there would recreate the feeling of Harry’s first ‘bedroom’.


organised office space

Not everybody has a spare room to convert to an office. So for people who may need a desk, but don’t have any space, the ideal solution would be a folding desk attached to the wall that disappears once you’re done for the day.

For the ones who have a desk already, try to keep the desk tidy. Maybe try to use recycled and upcycled materials to build a DIY organiser with compartments where to store all your papers and stationery and hang it to the wall, so your desk gets cleared out of unnecessary things.

Like the idea of upcycling but don’t know how to begin? Here are 5 easy steps to help you get started with upcycling.

If space is an issue, next time you want to buy something, ask yourself if you could and should rent it instead.

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