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Welcome to Beehiveit

Strengthening and nurturing collaborative local communities, Beehiveit was created to bring back the traditional shopping and sharing marketplace, mixed with modern technology.

As an online marketplace focusing on local communities, our members can hire, book services, rent properties, buy and sell everyday items while connecting and interacting with people around them. Whether it’s DIY advice, an exciting project or simply learning more about a topic you’ve always been interested in, our blog section is a resourceful space with plenty of insights for you.

What led to this?

Our answer is easy: more space and practicality.

When living in a big city, space suddenly becomes a challenge of its own. A big, often unexpected challenge. No matter how much we try to cut down on our possessions, as the years went by, we noticed tools and random objects slowly piling up. Everyday chores such as fixing curtains, re-painting the living room and planting in the garden all require extra tools that take up an incredible amount of space.

Personally, we have been struggling for space for years.

After noticing this problem, the first and very obvious idea was lending and borrowing from neighbours and friends. Wouldn’t it be great to simply go next door whenever there was a new project instead of having to buy a list of new things?

While it seems like a great idea, we slowly noticed why it won’t work in the long term. Being too polite to ask when the item is going to be returned, not saying anything when the returned item is not in the best condition are situations we can all relate to when the relationship took precedence.

Beehiveit, the online marketplace eliminates these problems by creating a straight forward platform, without losing the sense of community.

  • If lending, you can easily create an extra source of income and you’ll know exactly when to expect your item back, in perfect condition.
  • If borrowing, you can skip the awkward “should I buy a bottle of wine to say thank you?” inner conversations and financially support your local community by borrowing items for your projects.

Hire, Book, Rent, Buy & Sell.

Yes, all in one place.

Why Us

  • One stop platform. Hire, Book, Rent, Buy & Sell.
  • It is free to register, free to list items.
  • Have peace of mind while lending your items with our Rental Security Authorisation feature.
  • Help break the mass production cycle by hiring instead of buying.
  • Experience more without spending a fortune.

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