7 Quick And Easy Ways to a Sustainable Office

Have you ever wondered how you could take action and be more sustainable in your everyday life? Do you ever feel powerless and unsure when it comes to stopping climate change? We cannot stop climate change, but we can certainly give our contribution to preventing it from getting much worse.

We have previously shared some small changes you could make for a greener home, but there is something you could do in your workplace too.

Why should we all take steps towards a greener workspace?

Whether you work in a big corporate headquarter or in a small co-working space, here are our top ideas to make office space more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

1. Try having a recycling bin next to your desk

Having a recycling bin next to you instead of a general waste bin will most likely make you more careful about what you are throwing away and where you are throwing it. If in doubt, always check what can be recycled before you do so.

2. Fill the kettle and boil just as much water as you need

Don’t fill up the kettle completely just to use 1/6 of the amount. Try to be more mindful by only adding as much water as you need to make your cup of tea or coffee. It won’t just be quicker to boil, it will also save energy.

3. Say no to bottled water

One of the highest-profile environmental issues present today is plastic pollution in seas and rivers. Ban your plastic bottle and opt for a reusable stainless steel water bottle. These are so practical and easy to use that you will also find yourself drinking more. (Bonus!)

4. Power off your devices

Do you switch off your computer before leaving the office? It can be easier to leave it on standby, ready to switch on right where you left things the following day. But powering off all your work devices and unplugging things you don’t need to charge, can save a lot of energy.

5. Make your lunch box

If your office doesn’t have a canteen and does not provide any lunch deals, a good habit you could start having is to bring your lunch in a box and stop using disposable cutlery. You waste less and save money.

6. Add a green touch to your desk

Plants brighten up your space and add a simple yet elegant touch to your desk. But don’t forget that plants also improve indoor air quality by increasing oxygen, reducing stress and increasing concentration.

7. Green commuting

Walking or cycling to work can help reduce air pollution, but can also save you money and improve your health. Another option that companies are increasingly promoting is allowing employees to work remotely, a way to save time, money and is good for the environment.

We could go on forever with ways to help the environment, but it’s better to start step by step by implementing little changes to your daily routine until they become part of your habits.

Why not getting other colleagues involved in following these steps? Try and create some fun initiatives and rewarded competitions such as ‘plastic-free meals’ months or ‘keep fit without the lift’ day.

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