4 Home Interior Aesthetics To Love

Home interior is just as important as your flat’s or house’s location and architectural features. If done right, a home interior can create a welcoming environment, and showcase your personal style beautifully. To help you get started on your new home upgrade, we gathered our current favourite design aesthetics that match every and any house.

Our Quick Home Interior Trend 2019 Guide:

Wabi Sabi


This Japenese aesthetic is not only an interior design trend, but also a philosophical view, centered around imperfection. When it comes to home décor, Wabi Sabi translates into carefully chosen natural elements, craftsmanship and understated accents – any method embracing man-made, traditional silhouettes.

How to bring it to your home?

Search for one of a kind, handcrafted treasures such as dinnerware or vases, and don’t be afraid to mix and match instead of buying a whole set! To transform the entire room or house based on Wabi Sabi, focus on stone and metallic detailing alongside raw, unfinished edges.

Perfect for…

…utilising and opening up small spaces with an effortless, peaceful attitude

Scandavian Simplicity


Similar to Wabi Sabi but different in its details, we all know and love Scandinavian Simplicity for its functionality. The way this aesthetic creates to blend sharp geometric shapes with a welcoming atmosphere is one of the reasons for its growing popularity. Besides, it’s a very versatile trend and a great choice for new homeowners.

How to bring it to your home?

From smart DIY storing solutions to small details such as hanging ivy from the kitchen, you can easily add a Scandinavian interior inspo to your home. Search for and use smart, modern solutions wherever you can, while sticking to a monochrome colour palette.

Perfect for…

…brightening up big-city flats with minimalism

Metallic Art Deco


Without a doubt, Art Deco has become a timeless style since the 1920’s. Being a gorgeous aesthetic for people who prefer jewel toned shades and lavish and details, this trend has a luxurious vibe to it.

How to bring it to your home?

If you are looking to experiment with Art Deco, try adding pops of vibrant shades such as dark turquoise, emerald or mustard yellow to your home. Brass and gold hardware, and geometric mirrors are other easy solutions that will instantly change the mood of your house! 

Perfect for…
…monochrome flats in need of an upgrade

Modern meets Vintage


Shifting away from shabby chic designs, this trend adds a modern flare to vintage furniture. With its playfulness, this interior aesthetic represents the travelers, the “digital nomad” generation and the young at heart. 

How to bring it to your home?

Keep handmade a priority aspect when looking for new furniture. Straw plant holders, embroidered throws and fun touches such as a hammock in the living room are all perfect first steps towards this interior design trend. 

Perfect for…

…. big family homes that are melting pots of many different personalities

Got Inspired?

Whether you’re ready to start a DIY project and learn more about smart living or would like to hunt for local home accessories, we hope you’ll find what you are looking for on our marketplace!

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